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Free Sale Certificate

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Free sales certificate

Free sales certificate is also called export sales certificate, and its English name is: free sales certificate, certificate of free sales or certificate for export of medical products; Abbreviation: FSC or CFS. The free sale certificate originated in Europe. At first, in order to promote their products to a third country outside EEA, individual member states of EEA and non-governmental organizations within the Member States issued free sale certificates for local manufacturers. The contents of free sale certificates were to prove that the products met the relevant national standards, the requirements of relevant directives, and the products were safe and reliable, Quality to meet the relevant requirements, can be freely sold within the local scope, and allow exports and so on. The initial free sale certificate was issued by European non-governmental associations, chambers of Commerce and other institutions, and then perfected by some European countries to form a system suitable for their own countries. This kind of free trade certificate originated from Europe is gradually recognized by some countries in the world. When they import products, they will ask the consignor to provide the corresponding free trade certificate. The only organization authorized and qualified by EU directive should be competent authorities (CAS) of medical devices in EEA member countries, which are mostly official organizations, rather than private manufacturers' associations.

Free sale certificate functions: 

1. In the customs clearance of the receiving party: to implement the customs requirements of trade protection countries, export sales certificate and free sales certificate must be issued before customs clearance and delivery.

2. Registration and use in the importing country: when the importer distributes and sells the goods in his own country, for the sake of the safety and quality of the products, it is required to issue the free sale certificate of the products and register with the local quality and commercial departments before the goods can be freely sold in the importing country.

3. Proof of whether the product quality is qualified and whether the product is legally produced and sold: for example, proof to the trading party and trading country that the product is of quality and safety, what instructions the product meets the relevant standards, and whether the product is legally produced and sold, etc.

With the development of trade, for products related to human and animal safety, such as medical devices, more and more countries and regions require exporters to provide a certificate of free sale certified by the relevant authorities of the exporting country when entering their countries, so as to smoothly clear the customs in their countries. The free sale certificate issued by the European Union government is the most authoritative free trade certificate in the world. It has been widely recognized by countries and regions in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and so on. It is also an indispensable document required by many countries for official registration.

With CE mark and EU registration required by relevant directives or regulations, Chinese manufacturers do not need free sale certificate to export EU medical devices. But you have CE certificate to sell or register in many non EU countries. Many countries will require you to provide free sale certificate issued by EU government. To apply for the EU free sale certificate, manufacturers in EEA member countries can directly apply to the competent authorities themselves, while non EEA manufacturers (such as Chinese manufacturers) need EU representatives to apply on their behalf.

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