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Clinical Trials

Vendors management

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Vendors management

The functions of logistics, customs clearance, storage and laboratory services are not included in the list of our main services, but we want to relieve you of the need for synchronization of many vendors and their management at all stages of clinical study. We work with trusted vendors and take this functionality completely upon ourselves. We cooperate with national leaders with many years of experience and who have been trusted by large companies and medium-sized businesses for decades.

BioDomi's Vendor Management Services include:

-Providing export/import support.

-Preparation and review of documents for import of medicines/medical devices.

-Determination of the list of documents for customs clearance of the investigational product and providing assistance in authorization at customs.

-International Trade Nomenclature code verification.

-Local labeling development.

-Warehouse management.

-Logistic management.

-Management of payment fees.

Our main goal is to provide you with the services that best suit your needs, as well as to make our offer reasonable, time- and cost-efficient.

Contact us to discuss any questions or concerns. We kindly provide a free consultation with our expert to discuss your request.

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